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Meet Our Colleague from our Supply Chain Management Team

I have been with Land Systems for more than 23 years, after starting as a part-time intern. I joined because I was intrigued about working for a world leader in defense systems and military support. I wanted to be part of an organization that delivered direct and immediate results to our troops in the field.

Land Systems has given me the opportunity to learn and succeed in the workplace but also to take the time I need to focus on my family. My children have been able to watch my career unfold with one company, showing that hard work, accountability and loyalty are the foundation of success.

Meet a Colleague from our Anniston Operations

I have worked at Land Systems’ Anniston Operations for 15 years in a Continuous Improvement role. I hold a few professional certifications and plan to pursue more because my grandfather used to say that you never should turn down an opportunity to learn and challenge yourself.

I joined Land Systems to get out of automotive manufacturing and take on new challenges. I respect and admire the products we build and the people who build them. Honestly, I never thought I would be at the company this long, but I have stayed because I believe Land Systems is a great employer that has provided many personal growth opportunities. My job stability also has allowed me to focus on challenges outside of work.

Meet a Colleague from our Engineering Team

I am a recent graduate from the University of Florida and have lived in Michigan for about a year now. I’m still getting used to snow and having seasons! I joined Land Systems because General Dynamics is a massive company with lots of opportunities for growth and career advancement.

My favorite thing about working at General Dynamics is getting hands-on experience with some of the military’s most advanced weaponry. The opportunities are endless at this company.

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