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About Land Systems

General Dynamics Land Systems is a global leader in the design, development, production, support and sustainment of tracked and wheeled military equipment. Our focus is to partner with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and government entities to deliver solutions that protect freedom across the world.

General Dynamics Land Systems’ innovation has resulted in increased survivability, greater firepower, unmatched mobility and enhanced battlefield effectiveness made possible by capabilities and equipment prepared for whatever challenge the military faces.

Each new series of tracked, wheeled and autonomous vehicles is better than the last. We anticipate the need for transformative solutions that are ready now and quickly adaptable for the future.

We have a strong foundation of delivering innovative engineering and production capabilities to our customers across the full spectrum of military equipment. Our team is focused on continuous improvement, reducing costs and speeding up delivery to meet the military’s urgent requirements.

General Dynamics Land Systems’ foundation is built upon the strength of the Abrams Main Battle Tank, the Stryker and LAV family of wheeled and specialty vehicles, the AJAX armoured brigade of fighting vehicles, and autonomous solutions like the MUTT and S-MET platforms.

General Dynamics Model – Innovation Spanning Every Sector

Land Systems is part of General Dynamics, a global aerospace and defense company organized into five business groups: Aerospace, Combat Systems, Marine Systems, Information Technology and Mission Systems. GD’s portfolio spans the realm of the world’s most technologically advanced business jets, wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, command and control systems and nuclear submarines.

GD’s model empowers each business unit to stay agile and maintain an intimate understanding and relationship with their customers. Each GD business is responsible for the execution of its strategy and operational performance. GD sets the overall strategy of the business and manages allocation of capital. This unique model keeps Land Systems focused on what matters — delivering on our promises to customers.

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