Business Units from General Dynamics Participating at CANSEC 2024

May 28, 2024

Lorena MacKenzie
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Ottawa—Three business units of General Dynamics will be among the exhibitors at CANSEC 2024 scheduled for May 29 and 30, 2024, at the EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Following is a list of General Dynamics’ products and solutions that will be displayed.


Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) announcement – Join three business units of General Dynamics and CCAB for an exciting announcement at stand 1601, on Thursday, May 30, at 11:00 a.m.


General Dynamics Land Systems–Canada – Booth 1301

General Dynamics Land Systems–Canada will showcase its plans to fulfill the Government of Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization program, as well as innovative modernization solutions for the LAV 6.0 that ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces stay ready to face any future challenge.

  • Logistic Vehicle Modernization (LVM) Solutions
    • The Power Team’s LVM solutions show complete capability, including the Zetros Daimler light truck baseline, the light trailer and a representative pod. With one common chassis that has over 90% commonality across all variants, the solution is a powerful and versatile platform designed to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with reliability, durability and ruggedness under the most adverse climate and operational conditions.
  • Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) 6.0 Technology Demonstrator
    • The result of world-class Canadian innovation, the LAV 6.0 remains the highly capable and protected baseline vehicle that is the backbone of the Canadian Army’s combat vehicle fleet. It is the platform on which General Dynamics continues to build to meet the changing capability needs and requirements of customers. This demonstrator showcases a variety of future capabilities integrated in a modular fashion, into the LAV 6.0 platform. Responding to the Canadian Army’s need to digitize, it includes a foundational digital architecture with scalable and modular hardware and software for next-generation capabilities, all with embedded cyber resilience.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada – Booth 1601 and 3034 outside

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is advancing digitalization to meet the most demanding operational requirements on any platform – across air, land, sea, cyber, and space. The General Dynamics booth will highlight the following solutions:

  • DIGITALspine demonstration
    • DIGITALspine seamlessly integrates industry-leading services such as video, chat, radio, sensors, and radars across various platforms, including vehicles, UAVs, and dismounted soldiers. The integrated digital ecosystem enables secure connectivity with joint, interagency, multinational, and public partners, facilitating efficient and effective military operations worldwide. During the demonstration, General Dynamics will display its ability to rapidly integrate innovative technologies into operational systems. The presentation will focus on a fires mission scenario, demonstrating how the integration of command and control (C2) and intelligence tools streamlines the intelligence effort, reduces time to target identification, and enhances mission success.
      • Industry collaborators joining this demonstration: AWS, Base Camp Connect, EnerStar,, Mawashi, Palantir, Persistent Systems, SimFront/Calian, Systematic, TactiQL, Vidterra, Weatherhaven, and Ultra.
  • MESHnet®
    • A modern suite of robust and secure networking solutions enabling fleet-wide communication and data exchange. Its flexible architecture and advanced encryption ensure reliable connectivity and situational awareness in the most challenging operational environments. MESHnet® empowers decision-making at every level, ensuring the right information gets to the right person, at the right time.
  • Distributed Sonobuoy Acoustics Processing Suite
    • Using advanced sonar processing and compression techniques, the Distributed UYS-506 Sonobuoy Processor optimizes the bandwidth required to transmit high-fidelity data from crewed and uncrewed aircraft to the ground station without compromising system performance.
  • Airborne Mission Management
    • Best-in-class integrated mission systems for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and uncrewed aerial vehicles, simplifying the complexity of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance processes for surface and sub-surface maritime surveillance–along with overland and littoral surveillance operations.
  • Shipborne Integrated Sonar Suite
    • Incorporates towed array and hull-mounted sonars, sonobuoys, dedicated intercept sensors, and more for maritime surveillance operations.
  • LX300 Remotely Piloted Helicopter
    • Supporting the needs of Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast, the LX300 RPAS is an advanced made-in-Canada solution that is capable of carrying either 200kg of cargo or suite of ISR/ASW mission kit. Come see it on static display outside at stand 3034.
  • The Vetronics team will be showcasing its advanced suite of tactical displays which offer high-resolution feeds from any sensor or camera with low latency to enable more efficient decision-making, driving, targeting, and stabilization in near real time.
  • Secure Network, Data and Voice Products: General Dynamics Mission Systems’ secure voice, data protection and information sharing solutions support our customers’ critical missions to help them to navigate the cyber ecosystem.
    • TACLANE® High Assurance encryption solutions are interoperable, CSE, AFU, and NSA certified, providing widely deployed classified voice and data protection for national security systems, information, and networks at the highest levels.
    • Sectéra® Secure Voice personal communication devices provide certified HighAssurance, end-to-end secure communication solutions from the desktop to the frontlines.
    • ProtecD@R® High Assurance data at rest encryption solutions are NSA certified to secure classified data across manned and unmanned operations.
  • Tactical Cross Domain Solutions (TACDS®) enable secure information sharing at various levels of security more quickly and efficiently than ever before. 
  • URC-300® Transceiver
    • The URC-300 is a versatile platform that supports multiple waveforms and provides exceptional radio frequency (RF) performance to support ground-to-air, line-of-sight and other mission critical applications. It provides interference-free communications in highly congested environments and improves immunity to outside interference such as other airfield channels, Wi-Fi transmitters, and commercial FM broadcast towers.
  • HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio
    • The smaller and lighter, HOOK3® Combat Survival Radio (CSR) provides direct, line-of-sight voice and encrypted two-way data communications and sends encrypted global positioning information, user identification and situation reports to provide rescue teams and aircraft with quick and accurate location information. 

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems–Canada – Booth 1203

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada is a global munition systems and components developer and manufacturer and features a spectrum of conventional and training ammunitions provided to the Canadian Armed Forces. We are the Centre of Excellence for military ammunition, propellant and explosive in Canada.

  • Artillery Propellant 
    • The GD–OTS Canada propellant plant located in Valleyfield, Quebec specializes in the development and manufacture of extruded propellant. The plant is recognized worldwide for its large caliber propellant production mainly for artillery applications. It is the sole source provider for the US Army’s 155mm MACS High Zone propellant. Currently supporting NATO countries and allied nations on a variety of artillery propulsion products.
  • 127mm Naval Ammunition
    • Up to the end of 1990s, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Iroquois Class was equipped with 127mm weapon systems. In appreciation of the legacy 127mm weapon systems, artefacts of the Cartridge Case and High Explosive Projectile will be showcased, as the Royal Canadian Navy will integrate a modern version of the 127mm weapon system in its future Combatant Surface Ships.
  • 57mm Naval Ammunition
    • On display will be the 57 mm Target Practice Insensitive Munition (TP-IM) adopted by the US Navy and a 57mm High Explosive Point Detonating cartridge, a cost effective solution to engage targets in Line of Sight.
  • 25 mm
    • GD-OTS Canada offers several 25mm ammunition options for use with the LAV vehicles and with the new F-35 fighter jets. Displays available at our booth.
  • Reduced Range Ammunition (RRA)
    • Visitors will be able to see and discuss the most recent advances in this field, including the new 30mm RRA projectile and the improved 12.7mm RRA and frangible SRTA bullets.
  • 7.62mm FX® & SecuriBlank® ammunition
    • Will soon be introduced to the Simunition® training solution suite, to be used in conjunction with Simunition® conversion kits for the FN SCAR-H, the H&K 417, the Colt C20 and the AK-47 weapons. This new caliber of ammunition will complement the existing suite of Simunition® FX® / SecuriBlank® training ammunition.
  • 9mm FX® Gen 2 ammunition
    • Is currently in production and is compatible with existing Simunition® conversion kits. This cartridge was developed to greatly reduce barrel fouling when firing the original 9mm FX® cartridge and will be available in both Marking and Non-Marking configurations.

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General Dynamics in Canada

General Dynamics is a global defence and aerospace company with a worldwide reputation for excellence. In Canada, operations focus on the production of combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions, and IT and C4ISR solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces and allied forces worldwide. 

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