Stryker A1

Stryker A1

General Dynamics collaborates with the Army on several new innovative capabilities that are ready today for tomorrow’s fight.

The Stryker Double-V Hull (DVH) will provide Soldiers with a vehicle that will dominate the battlefields of tomorrow.

Four Major Upgrades of the Stryker ECP

Power Generation System – Automotive
  • 910 amp electrical power generation
  • Smart power management system
Vehicle Digital Backbone
  • Smart displays for driver’s and commander’s stations and upgraded ethernet
  • Establishes infrastructure for future Army network systems

Power Generation System – Electrical
  • 450 hp engine to buy back mobility, power, and support a larger alternator
  • Improved power pack thermal management with additional environmental conditioning
Suspension Upgrades
  • Increased GVW capability from 55k to 60k lbs
  • Optimized driveline matched to upgraded powerpack

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