Transitioning Military & Veterans

Transitioning Military & Veterans

We Hire Heroes

At General Dynamics Land Systems, you can apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your military experience to an exciting, cutting-edge career.

We’re proud that thousands of veterans and former military professionals have decided to join our team over the last several years.

Our employees include veterans and retirees from all branches of service and that is why each and every year, we honor the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard for everything they have done for our country.

DOD SkillBridge Internship Program

General Dynamics Land Systems is an approved SkillBridge Industry Partner that provides internships for transitioning service members.

The General Dynamics Land Systems SkillBridge Internship Program provides an opportunity for Service members to transition from service into industry. Our 151-180 -day internship placements provide real-world industry experience, exposure to day to day activities that include hands-on training opportunities with the goal of re-skilling and up-skilling.  Participants are not eligible for compensation from GDLS, as they continue to receive DOD compensation and benefits as active-duty service members. Service members receive supervision and mentorship from experienced professionals in respective fields and are included as part of the team within a department of our business’s primary functional areas, including, but not limited to:

Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Materials, Systems, Quality, etc.)
Information Technology
Supply Chain Management/Logistics
Skilled Trades

If you are not SkillBridge member and would like more information, please visit

Program Benefits:

  • Internships are available year-round
  • Open to all MOS’s/ranks
  • May lead to full-time employment after internship completion

Below are the available SkillBridge internship placement opportunities:

Search Careers Here

If you do not see a SkillBridge internship opportunity posted that matches your skills, please contact [email protected].  Let’s discuss your skill set and career goals to determine if there is a different opportunity for you at GDLS.  Thank you for your service!                                                              

Recalled to Service

We understand and appreciate the continuing sacrifices you make to defend our country as members of the Reserve and National Guard, and we offer exceptional assistance for you and your family when you are called to serve. As our way of honoring your service and saying “thank you,” if your military pay is lower than your General Dynamics pay, General Dynamics pays you the difference during qualified military leaves.

When you are called to serve, you will receive:

  • Pay differential benefits for up to 60 months (cumulative) for Active Duty deployments
  • Pay differential benefits for up to 4 weeks (annually) for periods of annual training, active duty for training, or school
  • All benefits and insurance for you and your family for up to 60 months
  • Eligibility for potential pay increases in accordance with our policy
  • Paid Time Off accrual
  • Continued investment in your 401k retirement plan
  • Reemployment rights after your return from duty

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