MK46 Weapon System

MK46 Weapon System

The MK46 30mm Naval Weapon System is an all-weather, day/night, fully stabilized weapon system. The gun system’s open-architecture software supports stand-alone and integrated variants. The MK46’s lightweight, modular and compact size make it an ideal candidate for numerous anti-surface and anti-air defense applications. The MK46 Weapon System is fielded on the following classes of ships:

– LPD – San Antonio class of the Landing Platform, Dock (LPD) amphibious transport docks

– LCS – Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) – Independence and Freedom classes

– DDG-1000 – The Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer (DDG)

The MK46 Naval Weapon System’s family of turrets represents a balance of lethality, performance, reliability and versatility in one of the most cost-effective, medium-caliber weapon systems in the world today.

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