General Dynamics to Demonstrate Innovative Solutions at Modern Day Marine 2024

April 26, 2024

Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle

WHAT: Four General Dynamics business units will participate in Modern Day Marine 2024 in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate how elements of their extensive portfolio of products and services can help advance the U.S. Marine Corps’ vision to build a more capable force.

WHEN: April 30-May 2, 2024 | Click here for symposium hours and admissions information.

WHERE: Booth 1606, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.


General Dynamics Land Systems

  • Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV): GD’s ARV is designed to serve as the USMC’s new battlefield quarterback on the multi-domain battlefield. It connects to an array of onboard and offboard sensors, plus uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and, in the future, ground robotic systems. Highly mobile on land and in the water, the ARV allows Marines to sense and communicate like never before. The GD design ensures growth margins and modular open architecture to rapidly incorporate new technology as it develops.
  • Multi-utility Tactical Transport (MUTT): This robotic platform reduces the physical burden on light infantry warfighters, provides them expeditionary power and equips dismounted formations with an array of modular mission payloads. MUTT was chosen by the U.S. Army to fulfill the needs of the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (S-MET) program, making it the first unmanned ground platform to be selected for service alongside dismounted warfighters.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Sustainment (AVS): Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance, General Dynamics Land Systems’ Prognostic & Predictive Maintenance (PPMx) solution optimizes equipment performance and increases operational readiness while reducing the cost of ownership of vehicle fleets. The on-platform Health, Usage, Monitoring System (HUMS) is integrated with Next Generation Electronic Architecture to provide forward-looking, real-time Decision Actionable Logistics Information (DAI).
  • Digital Training System: The Digital Training System provides operators and maintenance instructors/students with an immersive, gaming-type teaching/learning solution. Users have the ability to virtually explore a vehicle’s model-based, simulated digital twin through any device, such as a tablet, phone or computer. The Digital Training System can be used as an instructor-led training solution, connecting to all variant platforms to create a fully connected live digital twin.

General Dynamics European Land Systems

  • VIPER (scale model): This modular and lightweight high-tensile aluminum bridge provides light and medium forces with an independent gap-crossing capability of up to 30 feet in length and up to MLC 50. The bridge easily can be launched and retrieved by almost any type of tactical or logistics vehicle. VIPER works without hydraulic components and can be stored for extended periods.
  • HYDRA (scale model): This multifunctional, medium floating platform provides wet-gap crossing capability for payloads up to MLC 50. The system is highly modular and scalable, with combinations reaching from transport boat and ferry to diver/working platform and floating bridge. Its design makes HYDRA equally suited for military missions, civil defense and disaster relief.

General Dynamics Information Technology

  • Strata Virtual Command Center: GDIT will be demonstrating a mixed reality geospatial analysis and 360-degree visualization capability. The platform merges immersive 3D mapping with mixed reality, allowing users to interact with geospatial data dynamically. It boasts broad capabilities, enabling users to launch local apps and web dashboards, terrain analysis with data overlays and 360-degree camera visualization. The intuitive, customizable interface facilitates collaboration among users for various tactical and wargaming applications.

General Dynamics Mission Systems

  • Command & Control (C2) Capabilities Demo: This live demonstration features General Dynamics Mission Systems’ battle management applications that empower tactical leaders to efficiently analyze, plan, rehearse, execute and review strategic operations. The GeoSuite solution utilizes an intuitive, map-centric interface, including unique multimedia tools, advanced planning capabilities and visualizations specifically focused on the operational environment. With a focus on rapid dissemination and sharing of critical information, GeoSuite delivers real-time, actionable intelligence and situational data across multiple environments.

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General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) is a global aerospace and defense company that offers a broad portfolio of products and services in business aviation; ship construction and repair; land combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions; and technology products and services. General Dynamics employs more than 100,000 people worldwide and generated $42.3 billion in revenue in 2023. More information about General Dynamics is available at



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