Stryker & Specialty Wheeled Vehicles


The Stryker family of vehicles is the ideal combination of armor, lethality and “historically high” mission availability rates. Stryker Brigade Combat Teams have demonstrated the value of a force that can rapidly move as a cohesive combined arms team. Stryker is extremely mobile on the ground and is C-130 air transportable. This system provides the Army with the ability to project combat power anywhere on earth within 96 hours. The Stryker MGS variant is a direct-fire infantry assault platform with a 105mm cannon. It is mounted in a low-profile, fully stabilized, “shoot on the move” turret integrated into the Stryker chassis. MGS carries 18 rounds of NATO- standard 105mm main gun ammunition; 400 rounds of 0.50 caliber ammunition, and 3,400 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. The bunker and wall-breaching capabilities allow it to neutralize enemy vehicles, equipment and hardened positions.