Stryker & Specialty Wheeled Vehicles

Stryker ICV-DVH

The Stryker Double-V Hull (DVH) is an evolutionary leap of improved capability across the Stryker family of vehicles. The Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) Double-V Hull provides greatly improved survivability to the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. The new, combat-proven, Double-V Hull configuration provides unprecedented survivability against mines and IEDs, while the new driveline and suspension significantly improve the vehicle’s payload capacity, ride stability, and reliability. As the most common variant within the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the ICV maneuvers combat elements across the area of operations. The mounted Remote Weapons Station provides direct fire support to dismounted Infantrymen during assaults. The new Double-V Hull ICV is one of the most versatile, mobile, and safest personnel carriers in the Army’s inventory. Already saving lives in the SBCT, and ready now to be the AMPV solution, the Double-V Hull is in production for several of the Stryker variants.